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In 2013, we had our first reputational attack. This came in the form of a series of fake negative reviews posted on phoney review sites. After a two year legal battle, Google finally recognised the invalidity of the online comments and removed them from their search engine results.

One day after launching our brand new website, we received yet another fake review. We are currently dealing with this and having it removed but it's important that we bring it to your attention because this is an ongoing issue that seems to happen in the investigation sector and there is a chance that you might see another before we’ve had a chance to legally challenge the hosting website.

If you take the time to do your research, you’ll notice that most of the more credible companies have also fallen victim to this behaviour and the language used in the reviews is indicative that it is from the same person.

It’s also important because you may consider using another firm when, it is in fact, them who are writing fake negative reviews about companies who they see as a threat. This is a disingenuous act that not only has a negative impact on our business but also puts our prospective clients at risk as they may well engage the services of the company or individual responsible, who again, is a dishonest actor.

If you’ve received a proposal from us you’ll see an option to pay only once we have delivered the results of your investigation. Therefore, you are at no risk at all. We have great confidence in our ability to achieve what we have promised as do our portfolio of corporate clients which includes dozens of law firms from across the globe.

The individual responsible obviously sees our company as a threat to their future which is no surprise given that we operate a genuine, transparent and honest business model. We are a registered trademark and have worked hard to achieve ISO 9001 certification. Additionally our founder is easily reachable on social media platforms in the hope of building trust through accessibility.

We’ve recently signed up to TrustPilot where only GENUINE clients can leave reviews. This is a true reflection of the opinions of our clients on the services that we provide. If you have any questions or concerns about any negative reviews that you have seen about our company then please do let us know so that we can put your mind at ease.


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