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Have You or Your Clients Fallen Victim to Fraud?

The private sector in the UK loses approximately £144 Billion per year to fraud and we can bet that your Industry is by no means exempt. Although we work with clients from a wide range of sectors, in 2015 we saved our clients more than £900,000 in scams by preventing them from becoming victims in the first place and by helping them to identify those responsible for defrauding them which in turn allowed them to take legal action in order to claim the money back. We have identified several areas in your industry that could affect your business and clients:

  • Cash Collections - third party individuals posing as employees of the property management company who collects rent payments.

  • Identity Theft - This can cause a number of problems but essentially it can allow people to disappear off of the face of the Earth leaving outstanding rent payments and other debts.

  • Money Laundering - This can happen in a number of ways causing devastating and untold amounts of damage to businesses and individuals.

  • The list goes on.

We have a number of solutions to all of these issues including background checks, due diligence, covert surveillance and so on. All of our services are completely legal. In fact, we work with over 30 law firms in the UK and many more from around the globe who place their trust in us.

Why Work With Us?

  • We offer FREE assessments which allow us to determine two things;

  • 1) Is it possible for us to get you the result that you want. And,

  • 2) How much it is going to cost.

  • In other words, you do not commit to anything until you we are 100% certain that we are able to deliver.

  • We are the only company in our industry who ONLY recruit from our own training academy. This gives you several benefits including;

  • National Coverage - We have over 80 highly trained operatives dotted all over the UK.

  • The Highest Possible Standard - We hand select who attends our courses and who works for us. This ensures that all of our staff are able to provide the high standard of professionalism that we are renowned for.

  • More info at

  • We save you money - Our services are there to either prevent you falling victim to fraud or to help you claim your money back. Either way, you save.

  • We work all over the UK and conduct investigations from all over the World but we have 2 centrally located offices in London and Manchester where you are welcome to meet with us.

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