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Vanquish® Investigation Services is a UK based, family run investigation company who specialise in fraud and corporate investigations. We started as Vanquish Security & Investigation Consultants in 2011 and still work very closely with the security organisation allowing us to offer both investigative and security services as well as advice.


Vanquish® Investigation Services used to be part of Vanquish Security & Investigation Consultants but is now a company in it's own right although it is part of The Vanquish® Group allowing us to work closely with the security company who offer a wide range of security services including consultations.  

Vanquish® Investigation Services ONLY recruit those who have successfully passed one of our own training courses. This ensures that all of our staff represent us and serve our clients to the highest possible standard. 

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We work mainly on corporate investigations combining our security expertise to help our clients deal with fraud and theft issues and assist in the prevention of any further incidents from occurring again. We deal with a wide range of clients including small retail boutiques to international corporations.


Vanquish work exclusively with companies who are dealing with staff/ internal theft, fraud, intellictual property issues, corporate espionage etc. 

The only time that we work with members of the general public is when the case relates to frauds or scams


Vanquish® work with both private individuals and businesses on a consultation basis providing advice on a wide range of security or investigative issues. We have a number of consultants including well known security expert Michael Chandler.



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