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Internet Escrow Services Scam (


Vanquish Investigation Services have received instruction to conduct an investigation into the alleged fraudulent activities of someone purporting to be Internet Escrow Services (IES) using the domain

It is alleged that IES claim to be helping people recover money from historical investments whereby they are acting as the intermediary between their clients and the entity involved with the prior investment. It is understood that they request funds to be transferred to various bank accounts, none of which have an account name pertaining to the company name (Internet Escrow Services).

There is a real company registered in the UK with the same name however, there is no connection between them and those purporting to be working for them. At this stage, IES have removed their website and have believed to have disconnected their telephone number.

If you have been in contact with this organisation, please call or email us using the details below:

Telephone: 0800 689 1985


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