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Ebay Scam

Have you fallen victim to a scam on Ebay?

Have you paid for something and not received your item?

At Vanquish Investigation Services, we investigate all scams by conducting a free assessment. This FREE assessment tells us 3 things:

1) Are we able to find the person who is responsible

2) Are you able to recover your money

3) How much we will charge

Get your FREE Assessment -

90% of people who fall victims to scams on websites such as Ebay, Gumtree etc will not do anything about it other than call the police. The police will do what they can and we do not discourage you from notifying them.

However, people come to us because they know that we will work until we get the result that they want and of course, we are motivated to complete all investigations as quickly as possible.

Would you honestly rather let them get away with it?

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