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Covert & Effective 

A vehicle tracker can be fitted to any vehicle which is then covertly tracked using GPS & 4G Technology. This package includes:

  • Covert fitting & removal of the tracking device

  • Live location monitoring (updates every 5-10 seconds)

  • A list of addresses that have been visited

  • Exact times and dates of vehicle movements

  • A one to one relationship manager throughout

  • An optional report after the monitoring period


This is where we send one of highly trained surveillance operatives to physically follow, monitor and record all movements of the subject.

From this you will receive imagery, a written report and possible video footage.

Sometimes only a short period of time is required but we have packages starting from just 4 hours. 


Live mobile phone and laptop monitoring can only be accomplished under strict legal restrictions. Please call for free for more info

0800 619 8128

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