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We have recently had an attack on our company. There have been a vast number of completely fake reviews that we have reason to believe are from a competitor.


The sums that are mentioned within the reviews do not match up with our pricing structure and therefore must be fake.


As a company, we find it almost impossible for satisfied clients to put their name to a positive review simply because no one wants to be associated with an investigation company. If you think about it, would you like the world to know that you just found out your husband or wife was having an affair or that you are having a background check done on someone you met online?


We have responded to most of these reviews asking for the reviewer to call us with their case reference number and stating that we would be more than happy to give them a refund. As expected, there were no responses. Also, if you look at the reviews, they tend to use the same language every time. The phrase "these lot" or "this lot" is used too repetitively for it not to be the same person.


Every single one of these "anonymous" fake reviews are on the same websites and ComplaintsBoard


Unfortunately, we are unable to have these comments taken down and after some considerable research on the company, discovered that they are being sued by other companies based in the UK and the US for millions of dollars.


We also tried another approach. On this particular site you can pay a subscription of $250 per month to post official responses and see who posted each review. Of course, when we logged in, we were able to see that every single review was from the same location by anonymous stating, "This person does not want to be contacted". What coward does this?

Because we are registered with The Information Commissioners Office or ICO, we are legally obliged NOT to provide any of our client's data to anyone. Therefore, we can't enable potential clients to contact previous clients for their opinion of Vanquish Investigation Services. 


Our clients are protected by UK law when dealing with us and any other company registered in the UK. Also, we offer all clients the ability to pay ONLY ONCE RESULTS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED in the hope that our clients can rest assured that they will receive the service they requested from us.


We have been providing Private Investigation & Security Services to the Great British public and the rest of the World since 2011 and are approved suppliers to Universal Music Group, The BBC, The NHS and hundreds of other organisations. Please do not believe what a simple minded competitor is trying and failing to do to us. We unfortunately operate in a competitive sector and certain people are not happy with the fact that we are making headway.


We have been advised to change our company name and website address and this problem would simply go away, but we refuse to do this because we want to stand by our brand and what it means to our clients. We now advise all of our clients, by email, to read this article before agreeing to our terms & conditions.


If you have any concern, please feel free to contact our office where a representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Thank you.

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